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Product Photo Product Part Number PDF Product Description
PH1X2XR/AXXAU450 PDF PH0.8 2*XXP PA6T Gold Plate SMT
PH2X2XR/AXXAU449 PDF PH1.0 2*XXP L=5.6/1.2mm PA6T Gold Plate S/T
PH2X1XR/AXXAU448 PDF PH1.0 1*XXP L=8.8/2.6mm PA6T Gold Plate R/A
PH3X2XR/AXXAU447 PDF PH1.27x1.6 2*XXP L=11.76/14.3mm PA6T Gold Plate Right Angle
PH3X2XSMTXXAU446 PDF PH1.27x1.0 2*XXP L=6.7mm PA6T Gold Plate SMT
PH3X1XS/TXXAU445 PDF PH1.27x1.0 1*XXP L=9.0/3.0mm PA6T Gold Plate S/T
PH3X1XS/TXXAU444 PDF PH1.27X1.8 1*XXP L=20.0/3.0mm PA6T Gold Plate S/T
PH3X1XR/AXXAU443 PDF PH1.27X2.0 1*XXP L=10.5/2.3mm PA6T Gold Plate R/A
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